Sunrise on the Masada and visit to the Dead Sea


Day trip in the Judean Desert where we will know the story of the heroism of Masada and from there we will descend to the amazing Dead Sea and make mineral treatment with mud.
We will visit the settlement of Qumran where the members of the Essene sect lived, Jewish monks who lived an ascetic life in the desert and devoted themselves to writing holy scriptures.



Sunrise on the Masada and visit to the Dead Sea

Night trip – we will leave the hotel at 02:30 AM ~ towards the Judean desert, we will cross the desert and reach the site of the fortress. Climbing on foot towards the cliff takes about 30-40 minutes for the good walkers and about an hour for those who have difficulty. Upon reaching the top of the Masada, look east towards the Edom Mountains (Jordan) and you will see the birth of a new day being created into the world, after watching the sunrise you can tour the site freely. To meet me you will have to go all the way down again and I will wait for you in the parking. Did you know – the descent is no less challenging than the ascent!
After the spectacle that is spectacular in its beauty and the challenge that it entails and the descent from Masada Mount, we will drive to the Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world where you can enjoy floating in the sea and swimming in waters rich in many minerals.

The trip does not include entrance fees to the mosque site
The trip is not recommended for pregnant women, those with heart problems, those with disabilities


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