Sunrise on the Masada and visit to the Dead Sea


Day trip in the Judean Desert where we will know the story of the heroism of Masada and from there we will descend to the amazing Dead Sea and make mineral treatment with mud.
We will visit the settlement of Qumran where the members of the Essene sect lived, Jewish monks who lived an ascetic life in the desert and devoted themselves to writing holy scriptures.



Sunrise tour from Masada and swimming in the Dead Sea.
We will leave Tel Aviv at night and arrive at the Masada about an hour before sunrise, the climb to the Masada is on foot and at a medium level of difficulty, the climb takes about 40-60 minutes depending on your level of physical fitness.

after sunrise, you can tour the Masada independently (without guidance). where King Herod built his palace; experience the poignant tale of Jewish resistance against Roman forces. Historical Significance: Masada embodies Jewish heroism, After that, you will go down on foot on the same route you went up.

We will visit the Dead Sea and witness the lowest point on Earth -430m (below sea level), at Ein Bokok beach where you will experience floating on the water, the water and mud rich in many minerals, from there we will retrace our steps back to Tel Aviv.


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