Holy Land with Avi

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Experience tailor-made journeys that go beyond the ordinary with Avi. Benefit from my extensive years of study, deep social engagement, and a genuine passion for the rich history and beauty of nature. As a seasoned traveler, I bring a unique perspective to create personalized and non-routine trips that are crafted just for you. Fluent in both Hebrew and English, I am committed to ensuring your journey is not just a tour but a memorable exploration of Israel’s diverse wonders.

Avi Mashiach

Tour Guide

Embark on a captivating journey with me as your guide to uncover the diverse tapestry of Israel. With a passion for sharing unique experiences, my mission is to immerse you in the rich history of over 3000 years, the breathtaking beauty of nature, the flavors of exquisite cuisine, the essence of local wines, and the myriad sectors that define this extraordinary land. Let’s explore Israel together, creating memories through immersive encounters and embracing the vibrant tapestry that makes this country truly exceptional.